Cloud Computing for Churches and non-profits

I have had the joy of guiding the church in the area of information technology for the last 14 years. One important truth I learned during this time is that unawareness and fear of failure are major reasons why churches and other non-profits delay or altogether deny adopting new and awesome technologies like “Cloud Computing”.

If the title “Cloud Computing” sounds complicated, then the book “2011: The Year Churches Move into the Cloud?” by Ben Sinclair is for you. It’s a free E-book that explains the concept of Cloud Computing and how churches and non-profits can enjoy its vast array of benefits free of charge or at very affordable rates. Given below is a short excerpt from the book.

The most common company out there at the moment doing this well is Google Apps. For those who don’t know what Google Apps does, it basically sets you up with a Gmail account (while using your churches domain name) and gives you access to all the online features such as email, a calendar and documents. It’s free, and you can have up to 50 accounts (I’ve heard of churches with more than 50 without paying) and around 7GB of storage for each account. That’s a lot of emails!

  • Easily understandable to both tech-savvy and the nontechy because the author uses layman’s language.
  • Explains how to migrate to the Cloud from common, existing Church IT Systems.
  • Possible disadvantages are revealed to making it easy to plan ahead while watching out for technical pitfalls and dead ends.
  • Not a boring bulky read. Limited to 10 pages. Most of all it’s free for anyone to download and start reading.
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