Easter Sermon 2013: The journey to Emmaus


The death of Jesus Christ actually shattered the hopes and dreams of his disciples. Though the resurrection had already taken place they were so affected by what happened three days ago they felt helpless, frustrated, disappointed, discouraged and left behind. It is at a time like this that Jesus met two of them on their way to Emmaus.

I know that some of us are feeling just like those disciples today. Perhaps you are wondering what has the resurrection got to do with your present situation. That is what we are going to hear in today’s sermon and how to deal with your situation through faith in the resurrected Christ.

Text: Luke 24:13-35

1. The Disciples

Read Luke 24:13-24

A. Were under the control of the situation, (… as they talked and discussed…)

B. Which took full control of their emotions also, (… They stood still, their faces downcast…)

C. The disturbed emotions disturbed their faith, (… it is the third day since all this took place…)

2. The risen Lord

Read Luke 24:25-27

A. Rebuked them for doubting God’s infallible word, (… all that the prophets have spoken…)

B. Reminded them that God has a purpose behind everything, (… Messiah have to suffer these things…)

C. Explained to them the hidden meaning of scripture, (… He explained to them what was said…)

3. The Divine Moment

Read: Luke 24:28-32

A. Jesus walked with them all the way until it was dark,

B. Went into staying with them and took the role of the host, (… he took bread, gave thanks, broke it…)

C. Confirmed  that he is alive and presented among his disciples, (… then their eyes were opened…)


There are 3 major lessons to draw from the incident on the way to Emmaus.

1. Don’t succumb to situations:

Situations and disturbing emotions are Satan’s most powerful weapons. Disciples, despite the hard evidence, failed to believe resurrection actually took place because they were distracted by the situation. We already know that God is in control of every situation. He is already working through the situation. His presence is there. The man who succumbs to the situation, however, doesn’t realize this. Therefore He gets discouraged very quickly.

2. God’s ways are different:

The disciples thought Jesus will overthrow the Roman empire and become the king of the Jews. Most of us feel like the disciples when our wishes don’t come to pass. The reality is our wishes are not in line with the will of God. How do we find out God’s will and purpose then? By diving into his word.

3. God is with us:

Everyone has to take a walk to Emmaus at some point in life. We feel like we are alone. The truth is he is walking by our side. We don’t realize his presence because we are distracted by our situation. The Lord lets us walk like this for a short period. In the middle of the journey, he suddenly reveals himself, restores our hope. Most of all he becomes our host.

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