Sermon Narrow and the wide gates Matthew 7:13-14


The ancient Jewish temples had many entrances to them. Among those were broad and tall entrances as well as narrow and short. Entering through the wide gates was obviously easier while it was almost impossible to enter by the narrow gates without stooping down and  brushing one’s self against the wall.

Jesus said, the road to destruction like the wide gate is fast and easy while the path to everlasting life is as difficult as entering through the narrow gate. I want to preach from this parable today because we come across both wide and narrow gates everyday in our walk with Jesus. It is important that we learn to discern narrow gates from the wide gates because Jesus said only a few finds the narrow gate which leads to eternal life.

Text: Matthew 7:13-14

1. The wide gate

A. The act of entering through the wide gate can be likened to walking in agreement with the world and her ways.

B. It is easier because the world always embraces people that don’t question or scrutinize her ways, (ex: Giving into peer pressure is much easier than resisting it)

C. No wonder many people seek to enter through it. Unfortunately it leads to destruction at the end.

2. The narrow gate

A. The narrow gate is the only entrance that leads to eternal life. This is none other than Jesus Christ himself.

B. Who ever accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior enters through it and starts walking towards eternal life.

C. Christian life is like walking on a narrow path because the world hates Christ and his followers.

3. The right choice

Making the right choice is definitely rewarding but it has a cost. What follows are some examples but not limited to:

A. Accepting Christ as our personal savior demands that we bend our will to his purpose for us in humility.

B. Peer pressure is one of the ways that the world shall attempt to shape us in its mold. The Bible however calls us not to give in and be different (Romans 12:2)

C. Persecution will not be absent. Jesus said to be strong because he overcame the world, (Matthew 5:10-12) and stand firm until the end, (Matthew 24:13).


Some evangelists preach that getting saved is one of the easiest things in the world. It is not, because perfection of our salvation involves choosing between wide and narrow gates and entering by the right entrance every day, in other words we must live out our salvation every day.

Image: James Emery