A plaque with the word God's Faithfulness on it.


The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word faithfulness as “deserving trust, keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do.” Although we love to know such reliable people the society is full of unfaithful people. Faithfulness has become a rare virtue today. We see cheating spouses, double-tongued politicians, unfaithful business associates, and the list continues.

How wonderful it is if there was at least one person that we can trust all the time, without the slightest fear of being let down. Well, the Bible says there is one such person. He is none other than God. The passage I have chosen for my sermon today conveys three truths about his faithfulness. [Image Credit: Margaret Almon]

Read Genesis 26:1-32

(1) Not changed by our Circumstances

Read Genesis 26:1-6

(I) Isaac occupied the same land as his father Abraham where famines were common. Both had faced them.

(II) When the famine came Abraham fled to Egypt. Isaac wanted to do the same but God stopped him. Then restated the blessing to his father.

(III) Like Abraham, Isaac assessed God’s faithfulness based on the circumstance at hand. He forgot that God is still in control of everything.

(2) Not altered by our Imperfections

Read Genesis 26:7-11

(I) Abraham lied to the king for the fear of his life and Isaac followed. This implies to us that man is imperfect.

(II) God didn’t punish Isaac for following his father’s example. Rather He blessed Isaac in keeping with his promise to Abraham.

(III) The presence of God exposes our imperfections. But God is not disappointed at these. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

(3) God’s faithfulness transforms Us

Read Genesis 26:11-32

(I) Isaac had changed. Like Abraham, Isaac had come to the point of letting things go. He had realized that God’s favor is the worst thing a man can lose in life. Not wealth.

(II) God appeared to Isaac and renewed the promise once again. For a third time, it is said that the Lord would bless Isaac.

(III) Our knowledge of God’s faithfulness transforms our perception of the enemy. Their behavior doesn’t bother us because we know they cannot come between us and God.


God’s faithfulness is so much, that we can’t grasp its depth with our feeble minds. When we look at the life of Abraham and Isaac we can’t help but notice the fact that learning God’s faithfulness takes a lifetime and the two things they did. First, they listened to God’s spoken word. Second, they both held onto God’s promise.

Today, we have access to God’s spoken word and his promises in the form of a book. This book is none other than the Holy Bible. How do we assure ourselves of God’s faithfulness when everything that happens around us makes us question his faithfulness? By reading his word, obeying his will, and remembering his promises.

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