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New Year Sermon: Three Eternal Truths to Live by in 2012

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On the night of 31st December 2011, even as we gathered at the church to say goodbye to the year 2011 I pondered, “what does it mean to step into a brand new year?” I remembered 3 things.

Sermon: Lessons from Absalom and King David

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I  am convinced that the three greatest things for the healing of a relationship are Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. This story has got to be one of the saddest in all of scripture. Here are a father and a son, both of whom loved each other, but they died as enemies. It didn’t have to be that way. There are undoubtedly some damaged relationships here today. Can we learn some lessons from the story of David and Absalom?

Sermon: David faces tragedy in Ziklag

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I concluded my previous sermon by saying it doesn’t matter how fast we run from the truth because the truth will catch up to us one day. It caught up with David also when the Amalekites attacked Ziklag, burned it to the ground, and took the women and children captive. David from a place of having it all had fallen into a place where everything was lost. To the natural eye, things couldn’t get any worse. But from God’s point of view, this was a good place to be in, not a bad place. Here’s why?

Sermon: David flees to the Philistines

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In my previous sermon, we observed David running for his life. Saul made several attempts on David’s life but failed because David always depended on God. Tonight we will consider David coming to the point of his life where he felt he cannot run anymore and foolishly decided to take matters to his own hands. The aftermath of David’s decision has three important lessons for all of us.

Sermon: David runs for his Life

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In my previous sermon, we learned 03 principles that David used to defeat Goliath and how those principles can help us to defeat our own Goliaths. Victory over Goliath was a turning point in his life. However, while this victory was met with the compliments of the majority David couldn’t avoid King Saul’s outright hostility. Consequently, David was forced into 08 years of self-exile. Tonight we will consider a few implications of this story. [Image Credit: Bradley Weber]

Sermon: David’s Psychological battle with Goliath

David’s Psychological battle with Goliath


US military analysts say attacking the enemy’s mind is among the chief strategies many modern armies use in order to catch their adversaries off-guard. They say that psychological warfare is actually capable of defeating the enemy without even engaging them.

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