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Sermon Notes: Jesus appears to seven Disciples

Sermon Notes on Failure from John 21:1-25 (Jesus appears to Seven Disciples)


Motivation is a very powerful virtue. When studying the life of successful people it becomes evident they were able to overcome failure and be successful because of motivation.

Consider Colonel Harland Sanders. The early years of his life were filled with failure you might think he was cursed. But his life was driven by one simple belief that motivated him to keep trying. ‘It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.’ Today he is known as the founder of the highly successful fast food restaurant chain ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ or better known as KFC.

Sermon: A Samaritan Woman’s Encounter with Jesus

Sermon: The Samaritan Woman and her encounter with Jesus


Many years ago a young man who sought supernatural intervention for his problems, walked into a Hindu Temple, hoping to receive the favor of the gods that the temple was dedicated for. While he was there he heard an audible voice, which said: “You have come to the wrong place.” He realized this is indeed the Lord Jesus speaking to him. Talk about an encounter! He immediately left that temple and a few days later joined a church in his neighborhood. Long story short, he dedicated his life to service to God and led many people to Christ.

Sermon: Lessons from Mary and Martha

Jesus at the home of Mary and Martha by Robert Leinweber


Edwin Bliss once said, “The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic, and a terrible waste of time.”

Interestingly Jesus taught the same principle as far as 2ooo years ago when he visited Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42 the basis for this sermon. These sisters have three important lessons for us.

Sermon: Young Jesus is Lost and Found

Sermon: Young Jesus is lost and found


In the movie “Home Alone” the McCallister family, in the confusion and rush to board their flight on time, leaves little Kevin at home and do not know until they are already airborne. A similar thing happened almost 2000 years ago and unlike in the movie, this was for real. The Bible says that Mary and Joseph left Jesus behind on their return trip from Jerusalem. There are three important truths about God’s presence we can learn from this incident.

Sermon: Jesus anointed by a Sinful Woman in Bethany

Sermon: Jesus anointed by a sinful woman


In today’s sermon, I want to consider yet another popular passage in the Bible. It is the story of Jesus being anointed by a sinful woman at Bethany. “She has done a beautiful thing to me…” is the key verse in this passage. What can we learn about doing beautiful things for God today?

Sermon: What would Jesus do about Homosexuals?

Sermon: What would Jesus do about Homosexuals?


Our presentation of “Hell House”, this week has made us the target of much criticism from those who accuse us of promoting hatred, toward homosexuals and abortion providers. An old proverb says, “There is a kernel of truth in every criticism.”

Jesus.Net Widget: An awesome Tool to share the Gospel via your blog/website

Jesus.Net Widget

Once a Pastor told me it would be a great idea to reserve a page in my blog to share the Good news about Jesus. I liked the idea. Then I thought the world wide web is a place for creative and dynamic content. Presenting the Gospel in the traditional and static format would make my visitors feel boring.

Sermon Notes: Jesus raises Jairus’ Daughter

Sermon notes: Jesus raise Jairus’ Daughter


Someone said, “I bet the Funeral Parlors in Jesus’ day just about went broke. Anywhere Jesus went, the dead were being raised.” Jesus probably raised many people from the dead during his earthly ministry, although the Bible records only three of them.

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