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Sermon: Jesus and the Two Criminals

A photo of three crosses representing the impenitent criminal and the penitent criminal and Jesus.


The persecutors of Jesus were determined to heap discredit and infamy upon his memory. Therefore they crucified two criminals with him. One of the criminals was crucified at his right and the criminal at his left. Luke 23:39-43 says that a conversation broke out between our Lord and these criminals. The Christian tradition calls the criminal that was crucified on the left-hand side of our Lord the impenitent criminal while the criminal that was crucified on his right-hand side the penitent criminal.

Sermon: Jesus heals Ten Lepers

Painting of a Leper who was healed falling at the feet of Jesus.


People ask “If God really exists why do we suffer so much in life?” There are many answers. A possible explanation is that God has a great purpose in man’s sufferings. He uses suffering to bring the sufferer to know his saving power. Luke’s narrative of Jesus healing the ten Lepers is a classic example (Luke 17:11-19). We can draw six life applications from this incident today.

Sermon: 3 Powerful Lessons from the life and death of Judas Iscariot

A photo of a person holding a Guy Fawkes Mask for  3 Lessons from the life and death of Judas Iscariot.


Parents today name their children after Peter (who doubted Christ three times), James (the greater and the younger), John, Andrew, Nathanael, Jude, Matthew, Philip, Simon (the Zealot) and even Thomas (who doubted Jesus’ resurrection) but not Judas Iscariot. Not even in their dreams. It’s the name of a treacherous man who betrayed Christ with a kiss, (Matthew 26:47-56) and the name of a man that was cursed by God, (Psalm 69:25)

As a child, he was probably brought up in a godly Jewish home for many years long before he became a disciple of Christ. He was an eyewitness to the miracles Jesus performed. He had the privilege of learning directly at the feet of his master. He was in the company of godly men and women 24/7. He walked with God himself! Then what made him the man that he was or what made him so sinister?

Sermon Notes: Jesus Turns Water into Wine

Sermon Notes: Jesus Turns Water into Wine


In the days of Jesus wedding celebrations could last for over a week and food, drink, and entertainment had to be provided for all the guests by the bridegroom.  It would be a disgrace to the family if there was not plenty throughout the time of the celebration.  That was what was happening at the celebration Jesus was attending and His mother.

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