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Valentine’s Day Sermon 2015: The Greatest Commandment

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St. Valentine’s is a day on which the church talks a lot about God’s love for man. This Valentine’s however I want to talk about how we are supposed to love God and others. Here in the passage, I have chosen to preach from today a Lawyer (not an ordinary Jew) who intended to find fault with Jesus’ teachings asks him a question. It’s not a foolish question at all, because the Jews quite commonly drew distinctions among the laws of Scripture – great and small, light and heavy. Jesus’ answer was unexpected yet biblical and logical. What does this commandment mean?

Sermon notes for St. Valentine’s Day 2010: Love is The Most Excellent Way


Valentine’s day is observed in memory of Saint Valentine who is said to have been executed on February 14th in A.D 470 for performing weddings for Roman soldiers (It was a violation of the Roman Law). Maybe that’s why he is called the Parton Saint of beloveds and people around the world celebrate romantic love on the day of his execution.

Sermon: Love Written in Blood

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St. Valentine’s Day reminds me of a true story about a young broken-hearted man who wrote a letter to his fiancée in blood. It is said that he died after writing the letter. The story of this lover and his message written in his own blood is a moving one, especially at this time in which we celebrate human love or St. Valentine’s Day. There is another moving love story written in blood, one I want you to consider now. That love is the love of Jesus Christ for a lost world. [Original sermon by: Robert L. Cobb – Administrator of News for Christians.]

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