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Practical Reasons for Tithing

Practical reasons for tithing

Last year in this blog I discussed the theological aspects of tithing (read them here and here if you missed). As those discussions went viral a small number of visitors expressed their feedback in favor of the practice while others charged me with falsehood.  Nevertheless, the truth must be taught and defended at all costs. So here I am opening the can of worms again. By the way, this article is intended for those who are in favor of tithing. If you are not in favor please leave without flooding my comment section with foolish arguments.

Sermon: Principles of Giving

Principles of giving


Lately, I have been thinking very much about the act of giving and studying what the Bible says about it. During these times the Holy Spirit of God brought a couple of truths to my attention. In today’s sermon, I intend to share three truths which I believe to be very important for any Christian who wishes to give for the glory of God.

Tithing: Questions and Answers

Tithing - Questions and Answers

I am writing this blog post in response to an email I received from Daniel Craig (not his real name) two days later I published my sermon on tithing. Daniel in his email made a sincere request that I take time to answer a couple of questions he has on tithing. Daniel, I am impressed by your desire to learn and do what is right. Below you will find answers to all of your questions.

Sermon: The importance of Tithing

The importance of tithing


Since you must have listened to similar sermons many times before I wont blame if you are not expecting anything out of the ordinary. There are two reasons why I picked this topic however. First, those who are new to faith need to be educated on the practice of tithing. Secondly, towards the conclusion of this sermon I hope to deal with the right way of tithing than reasons for tithing. Do note this sermon is not intended to condemn any of you but to give hope. So please relax and let the Holy Spirit of God to speak to your hearts.

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