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Sermon: How to wait upon the Lord?

A photo of a gray-colored bell clock on a pink and green surface.


In order to understand how to wait upon the Lord accurately, first, we must see what’s the purpose of using an Eagle to explain the act of waiting upon the Lord?

Legend says that an Eagle at the age of 30-50, flies to a high place and there it endures a harsh trial of endurance and change. It can’t fly because its feathers are overgrown. Therefore it plucks all the feathers from its body. It plucks its talons from its feet because the talons have grown curled and useless. Its beak has grown too long and curled. It breaks its beak against a rock. Defenseless, it cries out and waits for the time of renewal.

Sermon: How to wait for God’s appointed time?

Photo of an Alarm Clock on a Multicoloured Surface


For this particular sermon, I have chosen the example of a mother pregnant with a Baby. A baby is not born overnight. Once conceived a baby takes at least ten months before being formed into the fullness and ready to see the light of this world. In the meantime, the mother has to wait patiently and take great care of her unborn, until the time appointed for the birth will come to pass. The bible says that God also has an appointed time for everything.

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