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Sermon: Satan’s Arsenal of Weapons

A Phot of a medieval Armor.


Satan has a formidable arsenal of weapons that he uses against us, but none so well-used as these mentioned here. At various times all of us have fallen victim to these weapons. See if any of them sound familiar to you. [A sermon by Dr. Arnold Lastinger. Published with permission.]

Sermon: The Spiritual Warfare

A photo of a silverware helmet worn by Gladiators.


“Stand firm” is the keyword used in this passage.  It’s vital that we understand this word properly because it’s the key to unlocking the whole passage. In the military sense of the word “stand firm” means to hold one’s ground. “steko” is how the word is rendered in Greek and it gives the same meaning, (to stand firm in faith and duty, to be constant, to persevere, to remain steadfast and to continue in a state.)

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