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Sermon: How to overcome Worry?

Sermon: How to overcome worry?


A young man announces to his wife and four children, “I’m leaving.” Then goes outside, sits down by a tree, puts the barrel to his temple and pulls the trigger. Why? Because he was driven by worry. Worry over his unemployment, his crumbling marriage, the apparent hopelessness of his situation.

Sermon: Why we mustn’t Worry or feel Anxious?

Sermon - What the Bible teaches about worry and anxiety


In this chapter, Jesus recognized the three basic needs of every man. Namely clothes, food, and medicine. In Jesus’ time, the average life expectancy of an individual didn’t exceed 40 years due to sickness and hardships. Continuous supplies of food and clothes were rare and considered a luxury. People were often worried and anxious about how to meet these needs. Then one day Jesus told them to not to worry. He placed three reasons before them.

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