Free Bible Maps

If you are familiar with the subject called Bible Survey I am sure you are aware that the study of biblical geography is an essential part of the course. A few years ago I taught the same subject in our church. Although in the beginning, I used a scanner to transfer the necessary maps from books to PowerPoint slides I grew tired of it very soon because every time I wanted to scan a map I had to carry the heavy reference books over to the local computer store.

Someone might say why scan the maps when I can download them from the internet. True. Unfortunately, in my search, I couldn’t find something that actually fit my needs. This is why I like the Bible Atlas website.

All the maps are indexed in the order of the alphabet and presented in the thumbnail view that makes navigation quite easy. Most of the maps are in high-resolution format and supported by a brief description as well as scripture verses related to the map being viewed. According to the editors of the website you are free to use up to 50 maps (small or large) in a presentation which I believe is very reasonable.

Visit: Bible Atlas

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