How to give an effective altar call?

How to give an effective altar call?


In most churches the altar call is considered a crucial moment. It is an appropriate ending to a powerful message because the altar call provides the congregation with an opportunity to immediately respond to what they have just heard. Today let us find out how to do it in the most effective way.

1. Preparation

Someone said “Public presentation is always validated by private preparation”. Despite the fact the altar call is given at the end of a message, the moment is backed by your advanced spiritual preparation.

2. Breath Test

This is self explanatory. Chew pepper mint or wash your mouth with a suitable mouth wash solution before walking to the pulpit.

3. Passion

The sermon you are preaching must manifest your own passion for God and his word. Passion emerges from your relationship with God. Don’t confuse it with personal traits such as vibrancy, bounciness or even charisma.

4. Maintain focus

People become very receptive nearing the climax of a sermon. Don’t let distractions to waste such opportune times, (mobile phones etc.)

5. Be specific

Clearly announce who is expected come forward. Such as whether those who need healing, those who want to accept Christ etc.

6. Coordinate

Emotions are an indispensable part of an altar call and worship music plays a huge role here. Hence talk to your musicians in advance.

7. Minister personally

Don’t pray a common prayer and dismiss the crowd. Ministry to individual is a sign of care and concern. It builds faith. In case you are ministering in a mega church get the assistance of all the other pastors also.

8. Public testimonies

Allow people to confess their own spiritual encounter. This way more people feel encouraged to respond the next time an altar call is given. Do not force any however and don’t spend more than 3-5 minutes on this.

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  1. Sam

    These are good pieces of advice to be followed. Please allow me to be picky… but the word is "altar" not "alter". "alter" means to change or switch, "altar" refers to the place of prayer and sacrifice… this is a common spelling mistake a lot of churches make.

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