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A nation’s greatness is not dependent on its history; background or accomplishments. It is not based on the natural wealth, resources, economic prosperity, population, military strength, the capacity of its industry or agriculture, education system, health services, the system of governance or its leaders.

The Bible declares the 3 most important factors that determine a “Great Nation”. In Deuteronomy 4:6-8 God declares these principles that made Israel a great Nation. [Adopted from “Can Sri Lanka be a Great Nation?” By Rev. Michael Dissanayake]

1. The wisdom and understanding of God

Read Deuteronomy 4:6

A nation must have God’s wisdom and understanding to become great. Every time you must pray that your nation will discover God’s “Wisdom and understanding.” Man’s clever and evil ways will not make a great nation and such human wisdom must be ignored; instead, a revelation of God’s wisdom must prevail. Therefore the church must pray that her nation will seek to gain God’s wisdom and understanding.

2. They can call on God anytime anywhere

Read Deuteronomy 4:7

A nation’s greatness is determined by its proximity to God. Without a praying Church, we can not be a Great Nation. The nation of Korea rose up from poverty and suffering to be a leading nation through prayer and intercession. The Church must be the mediator between God and the nation drawing the nation closer to God. This is why our prayer is more important than any other tangible value. God’s will must be accomplished in our nation for greatness.

3. God’s righteous statutes and judgments

Read Deuteronomy 4:8

We cannot have corrupt laws and legal systems and expect to become a great nation. Righteousness and justice and the foundations of God’s throne and rule. We must pray that God will restore “Righteous Justice” to our land.


I believe that the Church in its own national context is God’s agent to make every nation a “Great Nation”. Let us seek God and pray and enforce God’s Kingdom, authority, and righteous rule in our land. This is the only way an “Ordinary Nation” can become a “Great Nation”

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