Modules for eSword and MySword

If you use e-Sword or the Android app MySword for studying the Bible this post is a must for you. Today I want to introduce to you a website from which you can download free modules for these software.

Here’s an idea if you do not understand the concept of a module. I have a digital camera and it’s internal memory is as low as 32Mb and I wanted to increase the memory up-to 2GB. So I bought a 2GB memory card and insert it into my Camera which extended it’s memory by 2 Gigabytes.

Like wise e-Sword and MySword themselves don’t have much. But they are made in a way that any programmer can develop and add extra modules (such as, commentaries, study maps, Bible dictionaries, study notes).

So Bible Support is a website that hosts all sorts of modules developed for e-Sword and MySword. Here I found over 5,000 modules for e-Sword and over 200 modules for MySword. Not only just modules but a community forum also where you can find help in case you run into a problem.

Visit BibleSupport