QuickVerse 2009 – Starter Edition (Free)

QuickVerse 2009 – Starter Edition (Free)

Our regular readers must have noticed this blog is not updated quite as often it was used to be. The reason is I am very busy these days serving the local church while doing some work for the Assemblies of God of Sri Lanka. Probably this condition will remain longer and I won’t be able to post anything much until mid September.

As some of you out there already know sermon preparation is a task that consumes time, requires extreme lengths of Bible study and prayer. This doesn’t mean I don’t pray and study the Bible. But constructing a solid sermon is not so easy.

Any way I am not hoping to leave you in the dark and in today’s blog post I want to introduce you to Quick Verse. If you don’t know what Quick Verse is despite it’s popularity, Quick Verse is a study Bible software used by both the average believer as well as the Bible scholar. Deluxe 2011 the latest version costs $349.95 but the good news is you can grab 2009 an older version for free. After all something is better than nothing, right?

I was quite disappointed after downloading and installing the software because the Starter Edition doesn’t have anything much other than the King James Version Bible (KJV), Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional, Parson’s Bible Dictionary, and the Nave’s Topical Bible. The good news is you can build the reference library by adding just one book at a time which is very affordable. Adding an additional Bible costs as low as $4.95. Download QuickVerse Here.

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  1. Mao

    You have put a lot of time in this post and it shows, it has been a useful resource for me

  2. Vin A.

    I’ve used QV in the past and I loved it until the technology overtook my ability to utilize it. With subsequent upgrades in OS, my copies of QV couldn’t be utilized to it’s fullest. I am back for more.

  3. Mitch

    Bought QuickVerse Bible Suite a few years ago and it never worked. Just reinstalled it on a Windows 7 Laptop and still doesn’t. Nothing downloads, can’t even register it. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    • Did you discuss your issue with LifeWay Tech Support? It will hardly work in Windows 7 and above, if it did not work in earlier versions of Windows. Nevertheless, can you describe the problem?

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