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Why preparation is important for a Preacher? (Part 2)

Previously I shared four benefits of preparation in preaching ministry. Today I want to share seven excuses some Pastors give for poor sermon preparation. Sometimes they use the same excuses as a weapon to disqualify the well-prepared preacher.

1. A sign of immaturity and inexperience

Pastors who don’t spend sufficient time in preparation use this as an excuse to defend themselves. Truth be told the more you spend time in preparation the more mature you become and more exposure you gain to God’s word.

2. Lacks the inspiration of the Holy Spirit

Not true as long as the preacher is sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. Just another excuse the lazy Pastor will use to defend himself.

3. Hinders the work of the Holy Spirit

Not true. The Spirit led Pastor will always know when the Holy Spirit wants to move in a different way. It’s not the preparation that hinders the Spirit. Insensitivity.

4. A sign of the lack of anointing

Anointing comes upon what I already have. It will not prepare my sermon for me.

5. Jesus/apostles didn’t prepare

Let’s not throw Jesus and the apostles under the bus so that we can preach rubbish and still call it a sermon.

6. Indicates a lack of faith

This is Psalms 81:10 taken out of its context. Otherwise, it has nothing to do with the preaching ministry.

7.  The TV Preacher doesn’t prepare

TV Preachers often seem to preach without notes. It doesn’t mean they are unprepared though. Sometimes they conceal their notes. Majority of the time however they give a good deal of careful thought to his message and extracts its vital aspects. Just because you cannot see the notes it doesn’t mean he is not prepared.

8. I am so busy I don’t have time

Nobody can spend 24 hours on sermon preparation. But one must find the right balance.

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