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Why preparation is important for a Preacher? ~ Part 3 (Final)

Previously I shared eight excuses Pastors give for poor sermon preparation. Today I want to share with you three consequences of poor preparation.

1. Makes people feel boring

Poorly prepared sermons cause boredom and the people in your church will go in search of greener pastures.  You are not going to keep them unless your messages are getting into their heart and mind. They have come to hear a Word from God. Get one from the Lord for yourself and then give it to the congregation.

2. The pastor becomes the joke

Preach to the choir and you will become the joke of the Sunday morning in the presence of everyone.

3. People will lose their trust in you

Preach one poorly prepared sermon and the next time nobody will be interested to listen even if you preach a well-prepared sermon.

4. Immature congregation

Let the congregation know that you take your God’s word for granted and they will follow the example and end up being an immature bunch of nominal Christians.


Like I said before spend forty-five minutes for each minute you will be spending behind the pulpit. Preach well so God receives glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.

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