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Free Leadership Coaching Videos from A Minute with Maxwell

Free coaching videos from a minute with Maxwell

A Minute with Maxwell is the Video-based Leadership Coaching Program by Dr. John Maxwell. Each video is only one minute in length so that you don’t have to give it more than one minute of your time every morning. I subscribed to the program three years ago and the videos have added value and made a great difference in my leadership ever since.

Subscribe to Word@Work to receive Daily Devotionals

Receive free daily devotionals in your email inbox from Word@Work

No matter how busy we are. We always have time to check mail every morning. Although we may think we don’t have time to read the bible. Which is why I think Word@Work is a very smart idea. Word@Work delivers short devotionals to your email inbox every morning so that your busy schedule doesn’t get between you and your daily dosage of God’s word.

Free Video and Audio Bible Studies from TV Bible study

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday I want to introduce to you “TV Bible Study”. This website has a free 1 year Audio and Video Bible study course. In contrast to the Video Teaching website, this one has a quite boring design and a traditional way of presentation. But I think it serves a great purpose.

Christian Magic Tricks to illustrate Biblical Truths

Christian Magic tricks to illustrate biblical truths

When I was a teenager, I watched a Pastor illustrating why Jesus had to die. He started with a pure white rope and said man’s relationship with God was used to be like that before he sinned.

Then he pulled from his pocket a pair of scissors and cut the rope into two. He likened the pair of scissors to sin and said man’s relationship with God was severed when he sinned, just like the rope.

Free Sunday school and Children’s Church resources

Free Children's Ministry Resources

A few days ago I had the opportunity to speak with my new neighbor and I was thrilled to know that he is a volunteer Sunday school teacher. As the conversation progressed he told me that the biggest problem in Children’s ministry is to find suitable materials and come up with sound ideas. I Right away mentioned to him about ‘Ministry to Children’ one of the most popular children’s ministry resource blogs on the internet (48,434 Likes on Facebook).

Free worship backgrounds and video loops from Motion Backgrounds for Free

Although there are many web sites that sell Worship Backgrounds, a church with a slim budget may not want to pay for these while others might not like to share credit card details with a third party web site. YouTube is a good source for free Worship Backgrounds but the YouTube watermark in the videos will always get on your way.

Download Free Biblical and Christian images from

Free Biblical and Christian images from

In display above is a picture of “The Pillar of Absalom” in the Kidron Valley (2 Samuel 18:18) downloaded from, a huge searchable database of free Biblical and Christian images. (Photos, Paintings, Drawings, Etchings, Engravings, Works of art, Hymn and chorus backgrounds, Presentation elements etc.) All the images are of hi-resolution. Each image has a Encyclopedia entry as well as a list of related Bible verses. The watermark on the preview images are not found in the images downloaded.

Visit VisualBibleAlive [Website Discontinued]
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Free Parallel Bible: Online Bible study tools – Part 2

Free Parallel Bible

There are at least 50 different English translations of the Bible, according to a website I came across on the internet. One may ask, is there really a need for so many different English versions of the Bible. I am not going to answer that question in this blog post. Anyway if you have ever used a Parallel Bible to study the Bible before you know that comparing a verse or a paragraph of the Bible across multiple versions actually helps to understand it better.

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