the great commission

“With great power comes great responsibility.” (Spider Man 2002)

Text: Matthew 28:16-20

The great commission is important because,

1. Jesus has authority in heaven and earth. Therefore,

a. We have received power to perform wonders, Mark 16:15-18

b. We have received power to forgive sins, John 20:21-23

2. Therefore we have been commanded to go and,

a. Make disciples of all nations by,

i. Bringing lost souls to Christ and let them accept Christ.

ii. Train them to hear, understand and obey Jesus’ teaching.

3. Baptize them to the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit,

a. Water baptism: a sign of repentance (Matthew 3:11a) and new birth (Romans 6).

b. Not just a ritual, but a sign of commitment to Jesus.

c. When we preach the gospel we will see the results above.

4. Jesus has given us an eternal assurance

a. Not just a casual promise.

b. A promise given even before Jesus’ incarnation, (Isaiah 7:14; Emmanuel => God is with us).

5. Conclusion

a. Jesus wants you and me to finish what he started.

b. No excuses.

c. He has not asked us to do the impossible. But everything is possible by the power he has given us. You can fulfill the great commission at school, at work place and wherever you are. Remember, whether they heed or not you must tell, (Ezekiel 33:8).

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