A cross on top of a rock.


The vision mentioned here came to Isaiah after years of preaching and was designed to deepen his spirituality. In this sermon, I am going to discuss this vision in detail and let it deepen our own spirituality thus rendering us more effective in our service to the Lord.

1. Preparation for service

A. Isaiah’s ministry was entering a politically unstable era, (Isaiah 6:1) He needed directions

B. He needed to be prepared to serve the Lord in a hostile environment.

C. We are called to serve the Lord at all times, (2 Timothy 4:2), and serving in difficult times require supernatural preparation.

2. Conviction of God’s power

A. The vision helped him to realize the power of God’s word in his own conscience, (Isaiah 6:5)

B. He was cleansed in terms of God’s standards of holiness, (Isaiah 6:6-7)

C. The Lord’s servant must remain holy before Him. He should feel the power of God’s word in his own conscience before preaching to others, (2 Timothy 3:5)

3. Service out of free will

A. Isaiah had his sin forgiven and committed himself to be God’s spokesperson, (Isaiah 6:8)

B. This was a grateful reaction to God’s grace. Not an act of obligation.

C. We serve God because He saved us. Serve Him gladly (Psalms 100:2)


Let us allow the Holy Spirit to deepen our spirituality so that we will be more effective in our service to the Lord.

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