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Sermon: Principles of effective Christian Ministry


Jesus said that anyone who has faith in Him will do greater things than what Jesus did himself. The book of Acts is the report of early Christians who had faith to do these greater things that Jesus promised. Consequently, this historical information recorded in the book makes it a good source to learn about Christian ministry. In today’s sermon, I am going to present to you four principles that make Christian ministry effective as seen in Acts 16:16-34. [Image: Marnie Pix]

Sermon: Lessons from Isaiah’s Commission

A cross on top of a rock.


The vision mentioned here came to Isaiah after years of preaching and was designed to deepen his spirituality. In this sermon, I am going to discuss this vision in detail and let it deepen our own spirituality thus rendering us more effective in our service to the Lord.

Sermon Notes: Lessons from King Ahaziah

Silhouette of a Cross


King Ahaziah of Israel was sick and desperately seeking a solution to his problem. He believed in the philosophy that “the end justifies the means” in which what matters is getting the needs met, and how one does it is not important. So in his desperation, he sent for the gods of Ekron and wrote his own death sentence, (2 Kings 1:6).

Sermon Notes: 5 reasons Christians are reluctant to serve God

Two colored men in the street holding road signs.


Someone said, “You were saved to serve”. Ask any Pastor and he will tell uninvolved Christians are the biggest frustration in ministry. There are many reasons why Christians are reluctant to give themselves in service to God. I cannot cover them all in this sermon. However, we will learn about the five root causes of the issue and the antidotes to them based on the encounter Moses had with God in the wilderness. We will be reading from Exodus chapters 03 and o4.

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