Sermon: Lessons from Judas


Someone said that Jezebel is the most hated woman in the Bible and the countless number of sermons you can find about her witness to the fact. In today’s sermon however we are not going to talk about the most hated woman but the most hated man in the Bible instead. This man is none other than Judas Iscariot.

Now I am certain the name Judas makes us feel way uncomfortable than the name Jezebel does. After all Jezebel was a heathen who worshiped Baal and we can expect nothing but bad from this woman. Judas in the other hand was a Jewish man probably brought up in a godly home and a disciple of Christ. Then what made Judas so sinister?

1. Gave Satan a foot hold in Life

Read John 12:6 & Luke 22:3

A. Skeptics have told me over and over again that it was very unfair of God to choose Judas to execute his salvation plan and finally judge him.

B. The truth is while Jesus’ betrayal has been foretold in the Bible; it doesn’t mean that God intended Judas to do it. However God was aware that Judas will do it.

C. Frankly speaking God did not choose Judas but Satan did because Judas fitted the profile of a suitable candidate to carry out the betrayal.

2. Focused on Earthly Things

Read Acts 1:6

A. Judas was a member of the Sicarii. These were a cadre of assassins among Jewish rebels intent on driving the Romans out of Judea.

B. Judas misunderstood that Jesus came to overthrow the Roman Empire and restore the Kingdom of Israel. He was disappointed when Jesus announced his death.

C. 30 pieces of silver was just a day’s wage. Judas could have betrayed Jesus for 3000 pieces of silver instead. But he thought Jesus is a coward.

3. Rejected Jesus’ Salvation

Read John 13:26

A. Skeptics also say Judas could have changed his mind and repented had Jesus given him a second chance.

B. During a Jewish meal the host or master of the house would give the sop to the person to whom he wanted to show his greatest love and esteem.

C. By extending so much honor and love to Judas, Jesus gave him a chance to change his plans.


A. Don’t give the devil a Foothold: 

We must not tolerate any form of sin (whether significant or insignificant) in our lives. Even the smallest sin, when tolerated makes us more vulnerable to temptations.

B. Set your mind on things Above: 

Stop seeking secular solutions to your problems (in the context of Judas). Don’t depend on your own strength, (Colossians 3:2)

C. Accept Christ as the Savior: 

You and I both are sinners and condemned to hell. But God has a given you a second chance through Jesus Christ. If we accept him as the Lord and Savior he is faithful to forgive us.

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