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Although there are many iOS and Android Apps for Studying the Bible, it’s hard to say these apps are 100% portable for many reasons. For instance, copying a verse from your Smart Phone or the tablet into the Word Processor in your Laptop or PC actually, require an additional app and some extra effort. Which is why it’s always a good idea to take a Portable Bible Study Software in your iPod, USB flash drive or portable hard drive which you can run in Windows. One can argue why you need a portable version when you can install the software in a Laptop. The idea is a portable version doesn’t limit you to your own PC.

BPBible Portable ~ Free Portable Bible Study Software
The extremely simple but powerful and the friendly User Inferae of the Software.

BPBible Portable is one such software. According to the developers, it is the portable version of the BPBible. I have never used the BPBible, but love the portable version because of its flexibility and usability.

It uses the King James and World English Bible translations. You can download and add additional Translations and modules such as Strong’s Hebrew and Greek definitions, Parallel Bible and commentaries from The CrossWire Bible Society’s official web site. Installation is as easy as installing any other Software Programme but you need to provide the path to your favorite USB Storage Device.

Download: BPBible Portable & CrossWire modules
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