e-Sword – The best Bible Study Software

Obviously, e-Sword may not be the best Bible Study Software. But many Christians will agree, that e-Sword beats all the other free downloads. In today’s blog post I want to write down five features that make e-Sword stand out from the rest.

1. Active Development

Unlike other development projects steered by a single Developer, e-Sword is actively developed and improvements are introduced on a regular basis. It’s brilliant software that continues to grow.

2. Community Support

You can always consult the e-Sword Users Forum and Support page if you ever run into a technical issue or anything related to the usage of the application.

3. Portable Version

The software even has a portable version called MySword Bible (not developed by the same author). Although you cannot sync the two editions since the interfaces are almost the same you can use it easily as long as you are familiar with the desktop version.

4. Extra Modules

Thousands of free modules such as commentaries, dictionaries, and Bibles can be downloaded from BibleSupport.com web site.

5. Feature rich

An expensive software such as Logos Bible Software might be able to do a lot more than e-Sword. But e-Sword has more capabilities than you would expect for free.

Additionally, if you need training you can use the online demos available in the official e-Sword web site. The web site can be reached here.

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