Modules for eSword and MySword

If you use e-Sword or the Android app MySword for studying the Bible this post is for you. Today I am introducing you to a website from which you can download free modules for e-Sword and MySword.

Introduction to Software Modules

The term ‘Module’ has several definitions. But in this context, a module is another piece of software that extends the functionality of the eSword and MySword Software. For example, if you need access to a specific version of the Bible that is not built into eSword (or MySword) you can use a Module to add that translation.

Modules for eSword and MySword

Modules are useful because e-Sword and MySword themselves offer only basic functionalities. But they have been written in such a way their functionalities can be expanded using modules written specifically for that purpose. These modules may add features that include but not limited to Bible Commentaries,
Bible dictionaries, Notes, Maps, various Bible Translations etc.

Visit the Bible Support Website

The Bible Support website has thousands of modules developed with e-Sword and MySword in mind. At the time of this writing, it has at least 5,000+ modules for e-Sword and another 200+ modules for MySword. It also features a community forum in which you can find answers to any questions you may have.

Visit: Bible Support
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