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Sermon: Faithfulness is the Key to God’s Blessings

Sermon: Faithfulness that unlocks blessings


Although precious, faithfulness is a rare virtue today. Perhaps in the church also. The Bible has many references to it. But Proverbs 28:20, in particular, says that faithfulness is the key to God’s blessings.

There are two types of blessings in general. The first kind is known as the common blessings such as rain, sunlight, etc. One doesn’t have to be a faithful child of God to receive these. The second kind is known as the unique blessings which include both spiritual and material riches but available only to God’s children.

In today’s sermon, we are going to look at six areas of life that people are being most unfaithful and what does the Bible say about it. Be faithful to God in these areas, and you will unlock his blessings.

Sermon: How to block God’s Blessings?

How to block God's Blessings?


I could have said “How to release. . .” but I wanted to impress upon you the negative results of certain choices and this title better serves that purpose. Basically, the Bible says, if we ignore God, there will be stiff consequences to follow. He will laugh at our calamity, mock us for our fears; he will hide from us and when we call upon Him he will not listen to us. So that you may be forewarned, I want to give you three ways that we can lose blessings.

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