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Good Friday Sermon 2014 – The Three Cups of Jesus


In the Old Testament, the metaphor of the cup stands for human life which can be filled with various things. The Bible says that Jesus allowed the father to fill his cup with wrath and suffering so that you and I can drink from the cup of salvation. Let’s see. [Image Credit: Jaci Lopes]

Sermon: Three Challenges for Good Friday

A lonely cross on a mountain top.


Jesus had breathed his last and someone had to arrange for his burial. All the disciples but John were in hiding. His mother was grieving and there’s no evidence Jesus’ brothers and sisters were in town. The Roman law did not permit burying criminals accused of treason either and no one dared violate the Roman law.

Sermon: How to Make Good Decisions?


Someone said, “There are two sides to a sheet of flypaper, and it makes a big difference to the fly which side he chooses.” The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow. In today’s sermon let me share with you six practical but biblical tips about making sound decisions and these will help you make the next big decision in your life. [Image Credit: Lauren Macdonald]

Sermon: Lessons from the Book of Job

A photo of the Holy Bible opened to the book of Job.


The story of Job is one of the most controversial and debated accounts in the Bible. The shortage of background information on the book sometimes begs the question, of whether Job was real? As a result, some have concluded this is, in fact, a parable or allegory.

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