Someone said, “There are two sides to a sheet of flypaper, and it makes a big difference to the fly which side he chooses.” The decisions we make today will determine our tomorrow. In today’s sermon let me share with you six practical but biblical tips about making sound decisions and these will help you make the next big decision in your life. [Image Credit: Lauren Macdonald]

1. Obey God’s Word

Read 1 Kings 13:1-24

I. In the Bible God has clearly expressed his will concerning many real-life matters. It is foolishness to seek his will when the answer is obvious.

II. The decision has already been made by him, and his decision is final. Your prayers cannot change it.

III. At this point only obedience is required. Besides your first decision in every matter should be to fully obey the word of God.

2. Beware of the Facts

Read Luke 14:28-30

I. A fact is a thing known or proved to be true. You need to have clear first-hand information before finalizing a decision.

II. The old proverb “Look before you leap” is appropriate here. Never take chances when making crucial decisions.

III. Any surprises encountered after the decision has been made can be very costly. Checking your facts is the only way you can avoid them.

3. Weigh the Consequences

Read Luke 14:31-32

I. “I just wasn’t thinking” is a very common excuse today. Unfortunately, excuses can’t change the consequences of a poor decision.

II. One careless decision can lead to long-term consequences. Such consequences can last even after your death.

III. Good decision-making takes long-range thinking. Don’t make decisions when you are not in your right mind.

4. Don’t Rush Decisions

Read 1 Samuel 13:5-15

I. Someone said, “Deprive yourself of sleep before making the decision. Not after.” Most of us do the latter.

II. Priority and urgency are not the same. Decisions that are driven by urgency often prove to be wrong while decisions driven by priorities prove to be right.

III. You need to realize how the decisions you make now will affect you in the long run. Be patient and think carefully.

5. Listen Carefully

Read 1 Kings 12:1-24

I. The focus here is on experience and spiritual maturity. A mature and wise person who had been there, and done that can often provide helpful insight.

II. Seek help with an open mind because their assessment of the situation often will be different from yours.

III. Choose carefully. Godly counselors will not try to force you into a decision against your will. They will attempt to help you make the right decision.

6. Pray about it

Read Genesis 24:1-21

I. Last but not least prayer is the most important step. Season your prayers with the factors I mentioned previously.

II. Sometimes our prayers are not answered, because they conflict with the word of God and the other factors.

III. When you pray without knowledge, you end up making emotionally oriented decisions. When your prayers are informed, your decisions become more result-oriented.


There’s no such thing as a “One Size Fit All” approach to making good decisions. Thankfully God will help us. If we wait patiently and do as his word instructs us.

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