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There are at least 50 different English translations of the Bible, according to a website I came across on the internet. One may ask, is there really a need for so many different English versions of the Bible. I am not going to answer that question in this blog post. Anyway if you have ever used a Parallel Bible to study the Bible before you know that comparing a verse or a paragraph of the Bible across multiple versions actually helps to understand it better.

Now there are many Parallel Bibles online, accessible free of charge. But I prefer the one at Bible Hub over all the others because of these reasons.

1. The ability to compare 20 translations at once.

2. Updated with the latest translations.

3. Includes even the less popular versions, not just the popular ones.

One disadvantage is that unlike in a traditional Parallel Bible the versions are placed under one another and out of the 20 versions you cannot individually pick which ones to compare.

Visit: Parallel Bible from Bible Hub
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