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Resources for Pentecost Sunday


Pentecost Sunday is around the corner (12th June) and I wanted to post a list of resources that were published here previously, in case you missed them.

  1. Sermon: Why do I need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit?
  2. Sermon: The anointing of God
  3. Sermon: Why the Pentecostal movement exploded?
  4. Sermon: breaking the curse of tradition (Ezekiel 37:2)
  5. Sermon: Why Holy Spirit baptism is important?
  6. PowerPoint sermon: Breaking the curse of tradition (Ezekiel 37:2)
  7. PowerPoint sermon: The amazing ministry of Peter and John (Acts 3:1-11)
  8. What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues? (Series)
  9. We want another Pentecost at any cost! (Article by Rev. Dr. Colton Wickramaratne)
  10. The four fold application of speaking in tongues (Article)
  11. The acts of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (Article)

The grace of God – Part 1


I am planning to preach about God’s grace and thought to write this blog post by putting together the material in my collection and thoughts that I am using to construct my message. So that a pool of information will be available to any other preacher who wants to preach on the same subject. Click here to read the rest of, The grace of God – Part 1

The sermon delivered at the British royal wedding

I am not a Roman Catholic, (Actually Rev. Bill Clementson informed us that the Bishop of London, and all at the Royal Wedding, are Church of England or Episcopal as they say in the States but is like an Evangelical form of Roman Catholic) but this sermon delivered by Rt. Rev. Richard Chartres  the Bishop of London at the British Royal wedding is worth a look. Click here if you can’t view the embed video.

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Sermon: How do I abide in God’s word?

Sermon: How do I abide in God’s word?


So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples” – John 8:31 (ESV)

There are more Bibles in print today than ever before. The Bible continues to be the best selling and the most translated book in the world. Yet a Bible that eats dust in a shelf is worthless. Believers who suffer from spiritual malnutrition are people who don’t read their Bibles. The Bible carries God’s inspired word. Therefore it should be every believers first priority to feed on God’s word. Jesus called this “abiding”. How do I abide in God’s word?

Click here to read the rest of, Sermon: How do I abide in God’s word?

Sermon: Lessons from Absalom and King David



I  am convinced that  the  three  greatest things for the healing of a relationship are Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. This story has got to be  one of the saddest in all of  scripture. Here are  a father and a son, both of whom  loved  each other, but they died as enemies. It didn’t have to be  that way. There are undoubtedly  some  damaged relationships  here  today. Can  we  learn  some lessons from the story of David and Absalom?

SCRIPTURE: II Samuel Chapters 13-18

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