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In the ancient world the word “calling” was of great significance. In those days the word was used to refer to the act of being summoned by the King. Likewise, God also has called or summoned us to his presence. In fact, the Greek word for church (ekklésia) means called out from the world and to God. In today’s message, we will look at three areas in the call of God, from another famous passage. It’s none other than the Angelic visit to Mary. (We have a sermon on Joseph Jesus’ Guardian Father also. See it here.)

Read Luke 1:26-56

1. The nature of Mary’s call

A. God choose a despised country, Israel. He choose a despised area of that country known as Galilee. He chooses an unimportant village within that area. Nazareth.

B. He chooses not a famous rich woman or a beauty queen, but an obscure teenage girl known to everyone in that town by the name Mary.

C. These observations indicate that it is in God’s nature to call us individually and he takes great interest in our hearts than our background.

2. The reason for Mary’s call

A. Mary was a vessel God could use. I believe He was pleased (Contemporary English Version uses the word “pleased”) with Mary’s faith.

B. God had chosen Mary to carry out the noblest task that other girls in her time could only dream of. To give birth to the Savior.

C. God was pleased with us when we surrendered ourselves and accepted Jesus as our personal savior in faith. God also wants us to carry out a noble task for Him.

3. Mary’s response to God’s call

A. Mary could not understand Angel’s words. Whether or not she could even after Angel’s explanation is doubtful.

B. Nevertheless Mary said “I am the servant of the Lord. Let this happen to me as you say!”

C. We cannot fully fathom God’s works with our limited minds. God doesn’t expect us to either. But he expects us to obey him sincerely.


A. To serve God is a privilege. Although our skills and qualifications will become handy in his service, God doesn’t look into these when he calls us. It is the heart He looks at.

B. We were saved to serve. God has given special skills to each one of us. We must fan those skills into flame.

C. Like Mary, cultivate an attitude of obedience. When we obediently do the possible God will anoint us to do the impossible.

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