The Father, Mother, and the Daughter decorate a Christmas Tree.


Luke’s narration of Jesus’ dedication in the temple (Luke 2:25-38) isn’t exclusively about Jesus’ birth and there are many other passages one can use for preaching a Christmas sermon. Still, I decided to preach from this passage because in the words of Simeon and Anna recorded in it, we discover God’s true purpose for the season we call Christmas in a nutshell. We discover that:

1. Christmas is the season for discovering Peace

A. Think about Simeon & Anna. A lifetime of chasing peace with God, (Luke 2:25-27)

B. Man is sinful and is in need of being reconciled to the holy God, (Luke 2:28-32)

C. Christ ended man’s war with God. Just believe to discover, (Romans 5:1) Illustration: Shoichi Yokoi

2. Christmas is the season for making Decisions

A. We are here today because God has a plan for you and for me even though we might have never planned to be here today, (Luke 2:27)

B. His plan demands that you and I make an important decision today, (Luke 2:33-34)

C. He has given us the choice to decide whether we want to believe in his son and live or die in unbelief, (Acts 16:31) Illustration: To every man

3. Christmas is the season for Remembering

A. That Christian life isn’t a cakewalk or a Bed of Roses. It demands that each other carry their cross, (Luke 2:35)

B. Peace with God means war with the world, (James 4:4) – Ex: Attacks on Christmas Services in Nigeria in the year 2011

C. In this world we will have persecution. But Jesus said to take heart because he has overcome the world, (John 16:33)

4. Christmas is the season for telling Others

A. Anna knew the news about Jesus was too great to keep for herself, (Luke 2:36-38)

B. After the angelic annunciation the Shepherds couldn’t help breaking the news to everyone else in that little town of Bethlehem, (Luke 2:16-19)

C. Jesus is the bread of life that came from heaven, (John 6:35) We are beggars that God has called to lead our fellow beggars to that bread.


Every year Christmas is a special and blessed time. If you haven’t made that crucial decision yet to let Jesus into your heart, now is the time to do so, and years from now you will rejoice, remembering that Christmas in 2012 was the most blessed thing that ever happened to you.

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