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This morning I do not intend to complicate your Christmas by choosing to preach a heavily theological message with a theological title. It should be noted however that Christmas is surrounded by so much of biblical truths that it’s not just another simple festive event as the world likes to think. I do believe understanding these truths about Christmas surely helps us to understand why we need Jesus.

1. Religion doesn’t save

(Galatians 4:1-2)

A. In Judaism the law was given to create an awareness of right and wrong. Yet neither Judaism nor law was capable of eliminating sin.

B. Religion helps to sort right from wrong but cannot eliminate man’s sinful nature. Like an X-Ray machine, it’s capable of diagnosis but incapable of healing.

C. Jesus alone is capable of taking man’s sin away. Thus He was born to this world through a virgin.

2. Christ brings freedom

(Galatians 4:3)

A. Secondly Christmas reminds us once we were slaves of the evil spirits who rule the universe.

B. These spirits have so much of control, people are afraid of moving a muscle without consulting them first. (Illus: It’s said that Nancy widow of Ronald Reagan the former president of the United States of America never made important decisions without consulting Joan Quigley, a professional astrologer.)

C. Thankfully since Christ was born, died and resurrected one who believes in Him is no longer under the control of these ruling spirits.

3. God’s perfect schedule

(Galatians 4:4)

A. A Minimum length of 4,000 years exists between Genesis 3:15 and Matthew 1:25. Three reasons why God waited for so long. First, the timing was perfect religious-wise as the Jews had turned from idol worship to God.

B. Secondly, Greek had become the international language of the day and it made the spreading of the Gospel much quicker.

C. Finally, the timing was politically perfect. The Roman administration had established a perfect road network, universal peace, and a fine postal system which contributed to the spreading of the Gospel.

4. God’s presence is with us

(Galatians 4:4b)

A. Jesus is fully divine for He is the son of God.

B. Jesus is fully human for He was born of a human mother and lived among us under the umbrella of religion and law. This is why He is called Emmanuel, (Matthew 1:23).

C. God lived among humans. He is well aware of their struggles. He wants to redeem man.

5. An intimate relationship with God

(Galatians 4:6-7)

A. New religions, rituals, traditions, and philosophies are invented almost every day as man is in a desperate quest for God.

B. Unfortunately human inventions can not connect man with God. Only the redemptive work of Christ does.

C. Therefore anyone who yields his life to Christ not only moves from bondage to freedom but becomes a child of God as well. As children, we are entitled to a life blessed by God.


In conclusion, I want to present five valuable applications I was able to draw from this passage.

1. Religion can’t save: Religions teach right from wrong but only a life yielded to the love of Christ gives us the strength and willpower to live a sinless life. This is important because man’s suffering rests on sin. Hence religion is outdated and it would be foolishness to stick to it when a greater opportunity is available through Christ.

2. Christ brings freedom: Dark forces don’t have any control over people that believe in Christ for personal freedom. We don’t have to satisfy them anymore, (Rituals, oblations, sacrifices, etc.). Neither do we have to consult them, (Omens, superstitious beliefs, fortune-telling, etc.)

3. God’s perfect schedule: You are not entitled to enjoy the true rewards of Christmas as long as you don’t welcome Christ into your life. None of us are in this sanctuary today because of our personal will or by coincidence. We are hereby God’s perfect will. Then now is a good time for you to invite Jesus into your hearts.

4. God’s presence is with us: God is not an ignorant spiritual being as some would like to say. Rather He is concerned about each one of us. He is involved in every area of your life. Right now call upon His name in repentance and belief, He will answer you.

5. An intimate relationship with God: You don’t need to search for God anymore unless you believe in Jesus Christ because Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Remember relationships take time to grow but you need to start somewhere. This Christmas if you are not in a relationship with God through Christ I want to extend an invitation to initiate a relationship with God by committing your life to Jesus right now.

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