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It’s a well-known fact that at the end of a year many people attempt to start life all over again. Unfortunately, most of them at the end of another whole year find themselves right where they were. Tonight even as we step into a brand new year I decided to share with you about another man who found himself in the same situation. If you have been trying to start over but weren’t successful chances are high that you have been repeating the mistakes he made. By the way, the man is known to us as Jacob. These are the mistakes he made and how he overcame them.

Text: Genesis Chapters 25-33

1. Let it Go

A. Jacob’s chase for wealth and power, (Genesis 25:26; Genesis 25:29-34; Genesis 27:1-40)

B. Turned him into a deceiver and a runner, (Genesis 27:41-42)

C. Until he decided to let go of it one day, (Genesis 32:13-19)

2. Hold Fast

A. Jacob means deceiver. Israel means ‘triumphant with God’

B. A changed name meant a changed man (ex: Saul becoming Paul)

C. This process of change wasn’t easy but he held fast onto God, (Genesis 32:24-31)

3. Face It

A. Buried his past hoping to start over which didn’t work, (Genesis 27:43-45; Genesis 29:27)

B. Prosperity couldn’t help him either, (Genesis 31:1)

C. He couldn’t start over until he dealt with his past, (Genesis 33:1-18)


There are some very valuable lessons for God’s children here. Let’s consider each one of these lessons.

Let go of It:

Bad habits, addiction, abusive relationships, etc. I cannot be specific but you know what are things in life that must be left behind. Prayerfully consider the things in life that you must get rid of.

Hold Fast:

The character needs to be changed through the work of the Holy Spirit before anyone could start over. This is not a pleasant experience. It takes time. You must obey and hold fast to God during the process.

Face your Past:

This is painful and fearful (ex: abusive parents, sexual harassment as a child). Career, marriage life, or other things can’t cover it up. Dealing with your past (seek biblical counseling) is the key to killing the problem forever.

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