broken to be blessed

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Text: Genesis 32:1-31


‘Lord bless me!’ The prayer of every Christian. Do you know that God has already blessed you? Yes, but you live a hopeless life because of your own shortcomings. God promised you many good things just like he did to Jacob, but nothing seems to work.

Well, I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is still there is hope. The bad news is it’s going to be tough. God says that you need to be broken, so that you become matured enough to use his blessings wisely. The outcome is based on the fact how you react? Therefore let me challenge you. Let God to break you. Why? Let me give you 3 reasons?

1. God doesn’t use shortcuts to bless, Genesis 32:1-6

  • Jacob (means ‘he deceives’) had deceived many people including Isaac his own father and Esau his twin brother. This was Jacob’s favorite shortcut to gain blessings. Now Esau was coming to avenge Jacob. Sounds familiar, but was the way God choose to break Jacob before He could bless him.
  • Jacob presumes he will be able to reconcile with Esau by sending him a gift. To his great disappointment he finds that the plan failed and Esau is on his way with 400 men.
  • Are you in the same page with Jacob. We take shortcuts to gain blessings and forget that we must first let God to break us. Why does God wants to brake us before blessing us ? Let me tell you a story.

One day Lion the king of beasts appointed a Monkey as his body guard. One day the two of them went hunting. After some time the Lion got exhausted and fell asleep under a tree, while the monkey stood by side for the kings guard. Suddenly a Fly came from no where and landed on the Lion king’s nose. The Monkey thinking the fly will harm his king drew the sword and attacked the Fly!!!

2. God breaks us to make us whole, Genesis 32:7-12

  • In Jacob’s own thinking he was smart and successful. He had utilized his intellect to deceive men and gain blessings in form of material prosperity. But in the eyes of God he was nothing. Probably Jacob continued to worship God just because of his own selfish intents. May be he was playing with God also, just as he played with men.
  • However God cannot be mocked. One day the Lord brought Jacob into his knees because God was not ready to give up on Jacob. He wanted to make him whole and prepare him for the future. Now Jacob was being chased by the men he deceived. Then Jacob remembered God. For the first time he had realized his futility has prevented God’s blessing. So Jacob started to pray and seek God’s help.
  • My dear brothers and sisters, the biggest mistake we can make at times like this is to blame the system and those who are around us. We think what’s happening is unfair. we have faced injustice. But look at Jacob, he realized that he is wrong and did the right thing. He submitted himself to God’s authority. Let me tell you a secret. Some times God use your loved ones (some times your wife) to brake you. Don’t loose your heart.
  • Many great men in the Bible were broken by God before they identified to be great.
  • God blessed Jacob by choosing him to be the father of a great nation. However Jacob had to be broken and made whole before he could enjoy such a wonderful blessing. If God allowed him to enjoy blessings without changing him, he could have commit much worse sins. It’s the same about you and me. God wants to break us and then make us whole. If God blessed us while we are not ready, the same blessing can bring our destruction.

3. When you are broken you seek God, Genesis 32:12-31

  • Still God was not done with Jacob. Besides Jacob had his own problems. Still Esau was seeking to kill Jacob. Therefore Jacob sends his servants Esau with another great gift to pacify him, so that he can get busy with God.
  • From verse 22-29 the Bible tells us that Jacob wrestled with a man till daybreak. When the man realized he cannot overpower Jacob he touches the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched. Then the man asks Jacob to let him go. But Jacob replies ‘I will not let you go unless you bless me’.
  • Isn’t it interesting? The man who grabbed property, women, blessings, wealth now grabs God and demands his blessing. All this while his interest was in material blessings. Now he asking for spiritual blessings.
  • My dear friend, are you like Jacob? Have you been chasing just material blessings? Now is the time to grab God, and seek spiritual blessings from him. When you seek after spiritual blessings material blessings will follow.

4. In conclusion

  • Sometimes God breaks you and you might feel it’s not necessary. Remember, God sees what you don’t see. He knows what’s best for you.
  • There are no shortcuts to receive God’s blessing. God has predefined the way he will bless his children. You cannot change it. You have to make a choice. Whether to go through the hard way and be blessed or to attempt the more comfortable way and suffer loss. Jacob suffered loss because he attempted the more comfortable way. Finally he won because he followed the hard path that God laid out.
  • Never give priority to blessings but to the one who can bless you. Remember to seek God when you are broken. Follow the above given 3 steps and you will see God’s mighty blessings in your life, family, work place and wherever you set your foot.

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