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Sermons in outlines. 03+ main points and 3+ sub points per main point.

Valentine’s Day Sermon 2015: The Greatest Commandment

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St. Valentine’s is a day on which the church talks a lot about God’s love for man. This Valentine’s however I want to talk about how we are supposed to love God and others. Here in the passage, I have chosen to preach from today a Lawyer (not an ordinary Jew) who intended to find fault with Jesus’ teachings asks him a question. It’s not a foolish question at all, because the Jews quite commonly drew distinctions among the laws of Scripture – great and small, light and heavy. Jesus’ answer was unexpected yet biblical and logical. What does this commandment mean?

Sermon: Young Jesus is Lost and Found

Young Jesus, explaining scripture to experts of the Jewish Law in God's presence.


In the movie “Home Alone” the McCallister family, in the confusion and rush to board their flight on time, leaves little Kevin at home and does not know until they are already airborne. A similar thing happened almost 2000 years ago and unlike in the movie, this was for real. The Bible says that Mary and Joseph left Jesus behind on their return trip from Jerusalem. There are three important truths about God’s presence we can learn from this incident.

Sermon: God and His Faithfulness

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word faithfulness as “deserving trust, keeping your promises or doing what you are supposed to do.” Although we love to know such reliable people the society is full of unfaithful people. Faithfulness has become a rare virtue today. We see cheating spouses, double-tongued politicians, unfaithful business associates, and the list continues.

Easter Sermon 2014: Jesus appears to Thomas


This morning even as we celebrate Easter, I want us to consider yet another famous passage in the bible. This passage is none other than John’s account of Jesus’ appearance to Thomas. In today’s sermon, I want to share my observations on the passage and its implications.

Good Friday Sermon 2014 – The Three Cups of Jesus


In the Old Testament, the metaphor of the cup stands for human life which can be filled with various things. The Bible says that Jesus allowed the father to fill his cup with wrath and suffering so that you and I can drink from the cup of salvation. Let’s see. [Image Credit: Jaci Lopes]

New Year Sermon: 6 steps to Spiritual Maturity in the Year 2014

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My parents take great pleasure in looking at photographs taken during my infancy. I think those old pictures remind them of lovely memories attached to the early days of my life. Just imagine, I never reached maturity but remained a baby for the past 32 years or suddenly stopped growing. Do you think my parents will feel the same?

Christmas sermon 2013: The visit of the Magi

Shallow focus photography of the nativity figurines.


Although the visit of the Magi took place at least 2 years after Jesus’ birth it isn’t wrong to preach a Christmas sermon based on the incident, because still, the narrative is about Jesus’ birth. In it, Matthew introduces us to 3 kinds of people and how each one of them responded to the news about the messianic birth. Each response reveals to us the kind of person they were.

Sermon: Jesus walks on Water

A photo of Christ the Redeemer covered in Clouds during the day.


Like any other account in the Bible, this story also must be interpreted in its own context in order to understand the author’s original intentions. The story unfolds followed by a messianic uproar, (John 6:15). In response, Jesus immediately sent his disciples away while he dismissed the crowd and went up to a mountainside by himself to pray.

Why did Jesus evade such a good opportunity? Being the king of Jews sure sounds impressive.  That was not his mission, however. God’s plan for him was to suffer and die so that we shall be saved. Likewise, God has a plan for each one of us. He wants us to stick to the plan before he can bless us. This chapter teaches us three important principles about honoring the divine plan.

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