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The keyword of this paragraph is found in the twelfth verse. It says, ‘people took the young man home alive and were greatly comforted

Illustration: It’s common practice to use Paracetamol in case of a headache because it brings instant comfort. How cum these tiny pills are capable of bringing comfort to such a complicated unit like the human body? What you see is only a tiny single pill. Yet each pill is the combination of three powerful ingredients capable of relieving pain, put together using a scientific formula.

Likewise in Acts 20:7-12, we find a spiritual formula of three biblical ingredients that comforted the Troasians in the moment of a great disaster. Namely God’s word, fellowship with the church family, and God’s presence. Let’s take a detailed look.

1. Hunger for God’s word

A. The first day of the week. Kept it apart for corporate worship and fellowship
B. Back from a day of hard work. Yet spent the whole night listening to Paul’s teaching
C. The importance of the word as in the Bible, (Acts 6:2)

2. Fellowship with the church family

A. As important as learning the word, (Psalms 133:1)
B. Doesn’t mean to eat a common meal or make a feast
C. Means breaking Eucharist and coming together as a family to share each other’s burdens

3. The presence of God

A. The outcome of fellowship and study of the word, (Matthew 18:20)
B. The core purpose of every Christian gathering
C. Not optional if we want to have an encounter with God


I want to conclude my message with three applications I was able to draw from this great passage of scripture.

1. Thirst and hunger after the word

A. Make it a priority to go to church on Sundays, (Hebrews 10:25).
B. Not out of obligation, (Psalm 122:1)
C. Spend time daily meditating on God’s word. Maintain a spiritual journal.

2. Enjoy fellowship with the church family

A. Every Christian must worship at home. But it cannot replace the church, (Try giving your TV a hug after watching the television preacher)
B. Leave your differences behind, (1 Corinthians 11:17-22)
C. Don’t rush home. Talk, comfort, and pray for each other

3. Remain in the presence of God

A. His presence alone dispenses power.
B. Music helps us to walk into his presence. It cannot pull God down from heaven however
C. Don’t limit Christian life to the Sunday service. Participate in other church events also


A Pastor fell terribly sick. Unable to preach and attend to other pastoral works people thought the growth of his church will decline. Instead, the church has grown three times bigger and keeps growing. The secret, while he was still in good health he took time to train his congregation in the word, fellowship, and remaining in God’s presence.

Let’s return to the illustration of Paracetamol. Imagine you took one of the ingredients out. What would happen? The pill loses its effect over pain and you will not feel comfortable even after using it.

Likewise, the word, fellowship, and the presence of God must walk together if you want to find comfort in times of trouble. Take one of these out and your Christian walk will suffer. Remember, it doesn’t mean problems will be absent once you start to follow this spiritual formula. You will have problems. The difference is you will enjoy peace of mind no matter how big your problem is. Meanwhile, God will release his power into the problem and you will walk away deeply comforted.

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