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Sermon: Halloween Unmasked

A photo of an urban clown evil Mask.


In recent years Halloween has grown in popularity.  It has now become the second-largest money-producing holiday, second only to Christmas.  Don’t conclude that the reason for this is commercialism.  It is far deeper than that. It is the result of man’s search for the supernatural. 

Christianity has been discarded as irrelevant and unbelievable, yet man is still searching for something beyond himself.  The occult seeks to fill that vacuum.  This is not intended to be a tirade against children having fun. You must decide what your children do or do not do.  However, before you decide you need to know all the facts.

Modern-Day Computer Games and the Occult

A photo of a Black Sony PS2 Dualshock 2 on a Yellow background.

Most of the modern games we see today are essentially feeding programs, for occult, witchcraft, and violence. There is hardly a game in which the players do not indulge in murder, arson, torture, rape, sorcery, witchcraft, or highway robbery. I felt compelled to write this article to create a state of awareness in the Church after realizing the degree of risk caused by these supposedly harmless software programs.

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