Biblical advice for Ministry and Career success–Part 4

Diligence is a character quality you must develop if you are looking forward to excelling in ministry or your career. In fact when asked, “What’s your biggest challenge?” employers usually say, finding and keeping diligent people.” It makes or breaks any business.

1. The Diligent will have it All

Read Proverbs 10:4

The satisfaction of a job well done, a reputation for integrity, the trust of others, job security, profit, promotion, and most importantly, the Master’s “Well done”.

2. The Diligent will be Honored

Read Proverbs 12:24

In God’s economy, you determine whether you become “ruler” or “slave” by how hard you’re willing to work. Lazy employees complain about unfair employers, the biased system, the ‘company men’ who look out for the boss and the boss who looks out for them. They want the privileges others get but they’re not willing to work for them, (Proverbs 13:4; 21:25).

3. The Diligent will Prosper

Read Proverbs 21:5

Your employer should profit from you and you should profit from him. Indeed diligent people aim to be profitable employees. Do you want to prosper? See that your employer does. Diligent workers rejoice in this while lazy workers resent it.

Image: Steve Wilson
Status gained through manipulation and politics are temporary. But status gained through diligence lasts a life time.
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